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An increasing number of professionals are embracing the many benefits of going freelance. From greater flexibility and a better work life balance, through to the variety of roles, going freelance offers a host of opportunities. But, when it comes to finding freelance work, it’s important to find freelance projects that are right for you and your skillset.

Here are our top tips for finding the right freelance projects for you:

Be selective

Applying for roles that you aren’t suitable for, or ones that aren’t suitable for you, will only causes issues and frustrations in long run. Not to mention that you might miss out on the perfect project while you’ve committed to one that’s far from suitable.

Identify your skills

Identify the skills required

Check the budget

Be upfront with the potential client about costs — you don’t want to get into the project, only to find you’ve massively undercharged. Equally, the client won’t want to discover they’re going to have to increase their budget halfway through the project.

Brand ethos

Use relevant platforms

Projee is a platform dedicated to matching flexible workers with businesses in the charity and third sector looking for project support. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by charity and social sector organisations and the freelancers working with them.

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Originally published at on November 11, 2020.

We understand the unique needs of the charity and third sector organisations, and flexible workers, better than the competition.